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    Who is Mesh Networks?

    Mesh Networks (Mesh) was founded in 2006 and is the emerging leader in network and bandwidth management solutions for wired and wireless deployments to commercial and residential facilities. Mesh’s End2End™ Network and patent pending Bandwidth Management and Optimization Solutions for wired and wireless services are a fully scalable solution, for delivering, managing, monitoring and monetizing reliable network connectivity for the property management, MDU, REIT or any management operation of commercial and residential facilities.

    Whether you need superb bandwidth management, exceptional wireless coverage or a complete End2End™ Solution, Mesh’s networking experts can integrate their bandwidth management solutions into an existing system or design for a new development that includes expert design, execution, implementation, 24/7 monitoring & support.

    Mesh’s experience and expertise is proven to help ease IT related headaches by reducing IT and help desk costs, provide additional revenue opportunities, and significantly increase site management and end user satisfaction and quality of experience. Mesh Networks has you covered, everything from expert design, equipment selection, installation, IT management, maintenance, monitoring, ongoing support & future proofing is provided in a Mesh End2End™ Partnership.

    Contact us today for more information about our bandwidth management and End2End™ network solutions.

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