Mesh Networks Are Your Retro-Fit Specialists.

What is Retro-fit?

A Retro-fit is the installation of a new Wi-Fi infrastructure over a pre-installed wired solution or adding wired/wireless capability to an existing facility that has no (or virtually none) existing infrastructure.

We evaluate your property network infrastructure, staff and tenant needs. We work with you to utilize the most existing infrastructure as possible to customize the network to meet pre-defined standards for your staff and tenants for both today and in the future.

Your property may need a Retro-fit if:

  • You want to replace current Market Rate Internet and/or Video services with Bulk Internet and/or Video services.
  • You want to add Video and/or Voice services to your property.
  • You want to prevent an outage because your property’s equipment is getting close to 5 years old or older.
  • Your property has a wired infrastructure, and you want to add wireless capability to the property.
  • You have no Help Desk Support for your staff and tenants.
  • You have no 24/7 Monitoring and IT Support for the property network.
  • You have no way to visually see the tenant traffic on your network or run usage reports as needed.
  • You have no professional concierge marketing support
  • Your property has infrastructure partially installed, and you need help to complete the installation.
  • Your property has limited service, whether wireless or wired.
  • Your tenants are complaining about speeds and/or unreliable service.

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