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The End2End


The End2End™ System Promise?
Maximize your ability to manage bandwidth, monetize, monitor, and support the delivery of high speed Internet to all users.

The End2End™ Complete Network Management System has been designed and developed with a patent pending process by Mesh Networks’ engineers with flexibility, scalability, and economics in mind for any size installation. Mesh’s End2End™ System is customizable to fit your property and budget. Mesh’s networking experts can integrate their bandwidth management solutions into an existing system or design for a new development.

The Mesh End2End™ Complete Network Management System provides:

What is the End2End™ Complete Network Management System?

The End2End™ System Result?
Increase satisfaction, revenue, and minimize human & monetary capital required
to deliver what your residents want.

  • The System; Innovative, simple, intuitive, and cost effective whole network solution
  • High Speed Internet & Video Services; Property wide custom Internet & video options
  • Managed Bandwidth; Tiered predefined service level plans & eliminate abusers
  • Optional Upgrade Plans; Offer free and/or paid plans via intuitive resident interface
  • Site Wide Wireless and/or Wired Wi-Fi; Residents can have Internet service anywhere on property
  • Intuitive Resident and Admin Interface; One & done authentication, multiple devices per resident account, on demand reporting, plan upgrades

What does the End2End™ System and Partnership provide?

Everything from design, equipment selection, installation, IT management, maintenance, support & future procurements.

Network Diagram of an End2End Installation

  • Expert design, execution, implementation & support
  • Existing sites or new developments
  • Both wired & wireless delivery modeling
  • White label bandwidth management program
  • Wi-Fi design, coverage optimization, & certification
  • Automated user authentication, equal access, equal bandwidth allocation
  • Turnkey project management life-cycle support
  • 24/7 support & remote or on-site monitoring options
  • Identify new revenue stream opportunities
  • Connectivity vendor contract review services

How will the End2End™ System increase my earnings?

Mesh Networks Heatmap Network Installation

  • Revenue opportunity modeling services to monetize the bandwidth resource
  • Optional tiered plans: offer free and/or paid plans
  • Custom property ancillary service revenue stream modeling
  • Reduces customer complaints and increases user satisfaction
  • Does not require IT staff to manage the System, the System is user friendly
  • Reduces IT, support, and administrative costs
  • Supports future provisioning with infrastructure that meets specifications for today and supports provisioning for the future
  • Maximize investment by provisioning only what is required today & scalable for tomorrows growth
  • Server agnostic; can use any server that meets the minimum requirements
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) agnostic, provisioning via your existing ISP provider, or you can chose to take advantage of Mesh ISP partner preferred pricing with select providers

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