FAQ'sMesh Networks End2End™ System is an important addition to your existing solution offerings or property, immediate and recurring revenue possibilities, while creating new market opportunities.

    General questions

  • What is the difference between the MeshDash™ feature and MeshVu™ System?

    The difference between the MeshDash™ feature and MeshVu™ System is the MeshVu™ System is a network device monitor and manager, and the MeshDash™ feature is a bandwidth usage reporting, service level plan setting, account management, and an end user self-administration dashboard, and an end user self-administration dashboard.

  • How does the MeshDash™ feature improve end user satisfaction?

    The MeshDash™ feature empowers end users to control their service plan levels (based on the plans the location offers), and provides easy account creation and Internet access, and the ability to add a MAC address with no assistance from the help desk service, and generate a bandwidth usage reports.

  • How does the MeshDash™ feature improve my ROI?

    The MeshDash™ feature can improve ROI in two ways. The MeshDash™ feature reduces the need for the end user to contact the office staff for Internet account questions and issues, and also reduces time spent by office staff managing end user Internet accounts, and service level plans. The MeshDash™ feature provides ease of use and peace of mind to both administrator and end user.

End user questions

  • Can end users pay for their Internet accounts using the MeshDash™ feature?

    Yes, an end user can select a plan (based on the plans the property offers), and pay for their selected plan on the MeshDash™ feature with a credit card or PayPal account.

  • Can an end user activate their Internet service on the MeshDash™ feature, for either free or paid plans?

    Yes, an end user can activate their Internet service plan on the MeshDash™ feature, whether free or paid plans.

  • Why would an end user want to generate a bandwidth management usage report?

    Some end users run bandwidth usage reports when trouble shooting to determine their usage. The end user can also determine from the usage report if they need to upgrade their plan to increase their bandwidth limit.

Administration questions

  • Why would my property need to generate a bandwidth usage report?

    Bandwidth usage reports are useful to determine actual usage, and just as important, how much bandwidth is not being utilized by the property. Usage reporting also shows what type of traffic is on their network, such as file sharing and more. Usage reporting is a troubleshooting tool and also provides metrics to forecast future provisioning needs.

  • Is IT staff required to administer the MeshDash™ feature?

    No IT staff is required to administer the MeshDash™ feature. The MeshDash™ feature has an intuitively designed administration dashboard. Designated office staff can administer the location effectively and easily. Mesh also provides training and documentation.

  • Do you provide staff training for the MeshDash™ feature?

    Yes, Mesh provides staff both training and documentation for the MeshDash™ feature.

  • Can property office staff access the MeshDash™ feature remotely?

    Yes, any designated staff can assess the MeshDash™ feature securely and remotely.

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