Complete Administration From Any Connected Device

The MeshDash


The MeshDash™ feature is a cloud dashboard that provides complete site and account administration from any connected device. The intuitive dashboard is a useful tool for the administrator or designated office staff and a self-administration tool for the end user.

How does the MeshDash™ save my administrator/office staff time on network and end user account management?

Mesh Networks expert consultants help you determine the plans and speeds that best serve the property, and pre-configure the plans and speeds in advance of deployment. Administration/office staff will rarely need to access the dashboard, because the End2End™ System combined with the expert help desk service, is designed to be a “set it and forget it” System. The end user can contact the help desk for assistance for such things as a lost access passcode, adding mac address, password reset, assistance with plan purchase, etc. Administration/office staff will periodically need to generate passcodes, and may want to run an occasional report, or change/add a new service plan.

Administration/office Staff Dashboard Features Include:
Plan management options

Complete Administration From Any Connected Device

  • Create bandwidth plans specific to your needs
  • Set minimum and maximum bandwidth limits
  • Set maximum quota limits
  • Set pricing for each plan offered, and/or offer free a plan

Generate access passcodes
  • Passcodes give end-users access to the Internet via predefined plans
  • Generate single or bulk passcodes
  • Lookup passcodes that are in use

Generate bandwidth usage reports
  • Bandwidth usage reports for total site usage & individual usage
  • Use for trouble shooting, and procurement planning

Resident account information
  • View/manage all end-user accounts
  • Edit end-user information
  • Add mac addresses
  • View purchase history
  • View usage graphs for each user

Resident Self-administration Dashboard Features Include:
  • Account access from any connected device
  • View/manage account
  • Edit end-user information
  • Add mac addresses
  • View purchase history
  • View usage graphs
  • Purchase upgrade plans


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