FAQ'sMesh Networks End2End™ System is an important addition to your existing solution offerings or property, immediate and recurring revenue possibilities, while creating new market opportunities.

  • Can a reseller/distributor/VAR re-brand the End2End™ System?

    Yes, all Mesh products and services are designed to fit your business model, while providing new market opportunities.

  • How can I generate additional revenue with the End2End™ System?

    You can generate additional revenue by offering tiered service level plans to end users. Mesh also offers revenue modeling services to help you generate the most revenue.

  • How can I reduce costs with the End2End™ System?

    The End2End™ System helps to dramatically reduce end user help desk complaints, thereby reducing help desk costs. In addition, the System reduces time spent by the leasing/management office personnel in responding to complaints or questions from residents. What’s more, due to the bandwidth allocation the End2End™ System provides, it will also help to delay and/or reduce ISP expansion costs.

  • Why do I need the NetProfit® System included in the End2End™ Design?

    You need the NetProfit® System included because in order for any network to provide equal and fair allocation of bandwidth to the end user, the system must provide managed bandwidth allocation. The NetProfit® System is proven to increase the utilization of available bandwidth up to 45%. In addition, you can set multiple plans, caps, and quotas with a few clicks of the mouse. To see an example of a site report with the NetProfit® System managing bandwidth, click here.

  • Do I need to have an IT staff to manage the End2End™ System?

    No, when you use the End2End™ System you do not need an IT staff to manage your network. The End2End™ System is a cost saving, proactive and intuitive solution that utilizes an administration dashboard designed to be easy to use by non-IT office staff.

  • Is the End2End™ System customizable for a new or existing site?

    Yes, the End2End™ System is customizable, scalable, flexible and adaptable based upon your requirements and budget for any new or existing site.

  • What is the assessment, design, and installation time line?

    Our project management process will work with your requirements to meet your deadline.

  • Is there any downtime when installing the End2End™ System in an existing site?

    There is only a short downtime when installing the End2End™ System at existing sites. Installation of the system would take place first, and then the switchover would occur after. Estimated downtime is approximately 5 minutes. Additional services requested such as adding or enhancing your wireless network can also be done with minimal service disruptions and any such disruption would be scheduled at off hours to minimize impact end users.

  • Does Mesh provide the Internet service, or can I use my current ISP?

    There are several options; you can use the Internet provider of your choice and/or take advantage of Mesh ISP partner preferred pricing with select providers. We also can provide contract assessment and review services, to assist you in planning the best connectivity pathway.

  • Do you offer help desk support services for the end user after the End2End™ System installation?

    Yes, the End2End™ System comes with an optional North American based help desk support package, or you can elect to use the help desk service of your choice.

  • Do you offer monitoring services after the End2End™ System installation?

    Yes, we offer monitoring services with the MeshVu™ Network Monitoring System. The MeshVu™ System is an agent-less monitoring system that monitors the health status of network devices (access points, switches, servers, firewalls, routers, IP cameras, printers, or any device on the network). It also provides proactive & automated event notification for network monitoring and support.

  • Why do I need the MeshVu™ Network Monitoring System?

    You need the MeshVU™ Network Monitoring System for the reasons stated in the answer to the previous question. The following is a real event example of how the MeshVu™ System’s proactive responsiveness can affect a property. -The MeshVu™ designated administrator received a notice that an AP was no longer connected to the network. The administrator began testing the system to determine the issue, and after troubleshooting with no resolution, called the office staff to notify them of the outage, and advise the office staff that the issue would be resolved as soon as possible. The office staff had no idea there was a network problem. In fact the issue was resolved before an end user noticed there was an outage in their building. The result? Very happy property owners and staff, and more importantly, the property end users did not feel the effects of the outage due to the timely resolution.-Real Event

    The MeshVu™ System reduces end user frustration and costs associated with an outage by reducing time spent by property management and IT staff.

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