FAQ'sMesh Networks products are an important addition to your existing solution offerings, immediate and recurring revenue possibilities, while creating new market opportunities.

  • What's in it for us?

    New immediate revenue stream opportunities, including monthly subscription fees, and a competitive edge with first to market bandwidth optimization provisioning systems.

  • How will Mesh Networks products open up new markets?

    Our products can be utilized in small to very large business markets, such as WISP, MDU, Enterprise, Hospitality, Healthcare, Educational, Civil, Government, Executive, as well as consumer based market opportunities.

  • Can we charge annual license and maintenance fees with Mesh Networks products?

    In short, yes. Mesh products are designed to fit into your existing business model, while providing new market opportunities.

  • Can we charge fees for hosting services with Mesh products?

    All of Mesh’s cloud based products can be hosted for additional revenue, whether you brand it as your own or not. The exception is the QuotaDefender® System, which is not cloud based.

  • How does the QuotaDefender® System integrate into an existing system?

    The QuotaDefender® System lights-out bridge is installed on the LAN side of your network and automatically gets network information from the IP stream. The user control is through an API interface.

  • Is there any down time when installing the NetProfit® or QuotaDefender® Systems?

    There is only a short downtime when installing the NetProfit® or QuotaDefender® Systems. Installation of either device would take place first, and then the switchover would occur after. Estimated downtime is approximately 5 minutes.

  • Does either system require IT level maintenance or admin to maintain functionality?

    The NetProfit® and QuotaDefender® Systems do not require IT level maintenance or admin to maintain functionality. However we recommend some administration for customer management on the NetProfit® System. The HomeNet™/BizNet™ routers just take a few minutes to set up via User Guide, and Quick Start Guide. The HomeNet™/BizNet™ router interface is intuitive and easy to use for the average Internet user.

  • What is the configuration and deployment time line?

    Our project management process will work with your requirements to meet your deadline.

  • How do Mesh Networks products impact my customers?

    Immediate, cost effective, revenue producing bandwidth optimization solutions that work.

  • Can the QuotaDefender® system be customized for our customers application?

    Yes, it can. We will work with you to customize and enhance for optimal performance.

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