Tips for Organizing your Presets

Lightroom is one of the most preferred editing software in the market. With Preset, one can conveniently edit images in a simplified and faster manner. Presets play a crucial role in enabling photographers, designers, and other users to develop the kind of images that they want in a short time.

For you to work effectively with Presets, you need to ensure the folders are well organized so that you spend less time finding the folder that you want.

Here are essential tips that will help you organize your Presets so that you can save time when searching for the preset you want.

1. Use folders

If you are working with different lightroom preset, you are likely to create a mess due to the amount of work you have.


Therefore, if you are creating a large collection of presets you need to organize them in the right way. You should start by creating folders and categorizing them according to the type of image or colors.

2. Naming the Presets

When you rename your presets, it will be easy to find when you need them. Renaming the presets allows you to save a lot of time when searching for a certain folder. When renaming the presets, make sure that you find names that are common to you so that it will be easier for you to find the presets when you want.

To rename the folders, you need to click on the folder you want to rename, then right-click the folder to get a menu, from the menu choose rename and enter the name you want. You should make save the changes to be effective.

3. Add Prefixes and Suffixes

You can use prefixes and suffixes to create subfolders inside a folder if you are working with many different folders in a preset. Suffixes and prefixes allow you to customize your folders in an organized way. For instance, if you have a folder under certain colors, you can add a prefix and suffix to represent those colors.

4. Use dummy Presets as separators

Using dummy presets to function as separators will increase the usability of the folders with a lot of presets. You should note that the dummy preset is empty as there are no settings made on that preset. Therefore if a user clicks on the dummy preset, there are no commands applied hence nothing happens. Then you need to name the preset separator a name to help you identify the various preset categories. For the separators to be beneficial to you, you need to use it to describe your document.


When working with presets, if you are not careful, you can end up with poorly organized folders which will consume a lot of time when trying to find them. Make sure that after every step above, you save all the changes that you have made. Organizing your Presets will take a short time which will benefit you a lot in the long run. After installing your presets, make sure that you start organizing the folders early enough to avoid confusion.