How Much Should You Spend On Client Gifts

Building a precious professional relationship between the business and its clients is important to the success of any business. Among the common ways to create such a relationship is giving gifts to those who contribute big to your business. Whether you own a big or small business, showing appreciation to those who contribute towards achieving your dreams can be a great idea.

Gifts aren’t meant for holiday times, as a business person, you should surprise your clients with an act of kindness.

For additional info this is not something simple as such as it depends on a lot of factors. If you at all spend much on such events, then you will seem to be so desperate or even something worse than that. On the other hand, low expenditure can be considered economical by other clients. But then, Considering these factors will lead you to the answers to this topic.

Nature of relationship you have with the client


You should determine whether the client you need to gift is a one-off customer or an anchor client. Anchor clients should be given more attention than any other person for the support they are providing you.

How trusty is the client?

You should be able to know whether your clients pay on time, be able to understand those whose relationship with you is good as well as those whom you can quickly get along with. By doing this, you shall have known the loyal clients, employees, or vendors, ensure that you consider them more than others.

How much effort and time you spend on the client’s projects?

Make sure you determine the level of compensation for your efforts and time on the client’s work before deciding on the amount to give

Determine whether the client has sent other business your way


Your client in as much as they need this reward from you makes sure you are familiar with the most consistent clients. The amount that you will reward them should be relative to the number of referrals maybe they have directed to your business and brought good profits. Hundred dollars for a start can be a good reward.

However, you should take note that your contributions are at par with the business point of view. Don’t spend too much on gifts to clients that don’t add value to your business. Make sure your budget does not get affected.