5 Most Common Cloud Security Issues

Modern businesses require secure data and access applications from any device. Although that is possible with cloud technology, there are still many security issues that might occur. Security is one of the most critical parts of the business, and therefore, it has to be discussed with experts, but also with your employees. We will talk about the five most common cloud security issues you should be aware of, and what the preventing solutions are.

DDoS attacks

In the early days of cloud computing popularity, almost nobody was thinking about DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks. It is mostly because the massive amount of cloud computing services made those attacks very difficult to initiate. However, with the rising popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and smartphones, DDoS attacks are more dangerous than ever. If there is a lot of traffic towards a cloud computing system, the possibilities of DDoS are very likely. The system can either experience difficulties or go down completely, and that’s why it is vital to take care of this type of issue continually.

Business recovery issues

Unfortunately, the situation where a cloud provider goes out of business all of a sudden is always possible. Even though it is rare, it can happen and become a complete disaster. To find a new alternative home for data is a big-time challenge since recovery planning is not easy at all. Therefore, you should think about this potential issue, and do everything you can to prevent it. Some of the best private cloud providers should be the way to go. If you choose this solution, there is no risk at all if the cloud provider shuts down.

Shared cloud computing services

Cloud computing services and cloud hosting solutions are not all equal. Some of them are not providing the necessary security and safety of clients, which further leads to shared resources and systems. Some dangerous threats can come from other clients who use the cloud computing service. Also, if a threat targets only one client, it can still impact many other people. Again, a private cloud can fix those issues since, as an owner, you will have full control over the physical servers and access to them.

Employee mistakes


Mistakes are always happening in every area of life. However, in business segments such as cloud services, a single mistake can be hazardous. Employee mistake and negligence are still one of the most significant security issues. What is the most usual error? In the modern world, employees can log in to cloud solutions from their smartphones, laptops, tablets, and home desktop PC. In all these cases, if they are not careful, they might leave the system vulnerable to many potential threats. Therefore, invest in your best employees, and make sure they know exactly what they are allowed to do. Of course, it is not a guarantee that mistakes are not going to happen at all, but you will certainly lower the risk.

System issues and vulnerabilities

Many cloud computing systems still contain numerous vulnerabilities. Most of the time, it happens with networks with complex infrastructures and various third-party platforms. Those vulnerabilities could easily be used against your company, especially when it becomes known with a popular third system. There are many ways to fight these issues, but the best ones are to upgrade protocols and proper patching. On top of that, network monitoring solutions could also be extremely helpful in fixing and overcoming such problems.

All of the mentioned cloud security issues can be prevented. Use a dedicated data protection service and private cloud providers that are in many segments better than public. Also, choose the right partners, experts, and employees.