Ephemeral Content: Everything Marketers Need To Know

One of the main online activities of individuals and organizations is the sharing of information via sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. In fact, average Facebook users create nearly a hundred items of Content each monthly.

There is a great deal of informal ephemeral content curation

It’s easy to see that with 800,000,000 Facebook users worldwide, there is a great deal of informal ephemeral content curation happening on Facebook; however, is this information being presented in a meaningful manner that will actually make a difference?


These days, there is just so much information available that it’s hard to make sense of it all. That’s where good content curation comes into play. A skilled curator can select just the right information and pair it appropriately to present a clear and complete picture on a given topic.

Provides complete value for those in need of the information presented

Skilled ephemeral content provides complete value for those in need of the information presented. For example, followers of a page for a nonprofit agency will learn much more about a specific cause or project from a collection of well curated content than by simply seeing the most recent activity.

Curating content to give a complete history provides those interested in the topic with complete information and resources at their fingertips. this guide adds up to a more effective call to action.

Topic may be hot one day and gone the next

In ephemeral, a topic may be hot one day and gone the next, yet its existence may be relevant to events that later unfold. A skilled content curator can ferret out that item of media that has swept quickly past, bring it to the forefront and put it in context with current events. Additionally, skilled content curators are able to evaluate the vast amount of information available on a topic and separate the wheat from the chaff.


This helps those interested in that topic to focus and get the most value from the presentation. By helping the followers of page understand the history of a topic and its relevance to the task at hand, ephemeral content curation generates more meaningful and worthwhile action regarding any project.

Help brands, organizations and individuals

Another very important positive benefit of skilled ephemeral content curation is that it can help brands, organizations and individuals present themselves in the best possible light. Well curated content can put the philosophy of an entity forward in a positive manner. This helps establish an aura of competence and authority.

A person, company or agency that can readily provide solid, scholarly, intelligent information surrounding topics and issues is naturally seen as more competent and trustworthy than one presenting information in poorly formed summaries with no substantiation.