The Benefits of Officially Registering Your Photos

Photography has become widely accepted across the world. People do photography for fun as well as a hustle to get money in their pockets. As you take photos you may realize that you actually need to register them as a clear indication that they were taken by you and protect yourself from theft such as publication by someone else.

The process of how to register your photos may be done via various platforms and one can do it online or go to the relevant authority that governs this.There are quite a number of benefits of attached to regirstering your photos and they include:

1.Establish a public record

Official registration of your photos establishes a clear sense ownership that the one who took the photos is the sole owner of them. Once you register the photo is clearly yours and no one should claim it as there is a public record that shows your ownership. The public record can be used in a court of law when one is sued or suing another for having published the photo without having the right to do so.

Registering Your Photos

The public record also gives you a right to publish the photo wherever you want as you enjoy its ownership and all monetary benefits attached to it are solely yours. When people are buying from your work, the official record helps you out to show them that its your work and they only pay the registered owner.

2.Recovery of damages

When one tries to publish your photo or defames your work you may sue them for damages. In a court of law you certainly have to show proof of ownership of the photo.

Through official registration there is a name attached to whom did the photo registration and which photo it was.

The court of law once satisfied registration is primary evidence to ownership of will grant the plaintiff who has initiated the lawsuit to be paid damages that correspond to the case. If one had not done this they certainly can’t claim ownership as there is no record of it.

3.Client support and access

People and companies are looking for the best photographer who is well established and knows what they are doing. As they fetch for a photographer, registered photos will always have a niche of winning hearts as they show a clear sense of responsibility and the client can easily trace the one who did the work as the photo has a registered name attached.


This brings repeat as well as first time clients to the owner of previous registered work. Registration also helps the person show his potential clients that he is certainly the one who did the work.

4.Temporary injunction rights

A certificate of registration that is given within 5 years of creation of photos is quite important to a photographer. The certificate shows that the work done is quite original and has not been plagiarized from any one else.

This gives the owner the right to ownership and serves as prima facie evidence that the work is authentic and is owned by the registrant of the copyright work. This can also serve as a temporary injunction against someone who tries to infringed their work in any manner.

5.Peace of mind

Once you have officially registered your photos and you have an awarded the registration certificate this gives you a right to do anything with your photos. You do not have to worry about having to buy copyrights for sharing,printing or publishing your work. You can now boast about your work proudly without having to compromise on quality as the photos are yours alone.


This gives you peace as you can not be sued and also you don’t have to spend a dime when you want to do something with them. The registration process gives you a unique id that is only yours and no one else hence you do not have to get into a tag of war because of your own photos with someone else.

Its quite important for one to register their work as this will help them go an extra mile in their career. Registration can be done via various copyright platforms that are governed by statutory bodies. Attorneys will also need proof of registration in order to establish a case and its even better if you involve one when you are doing the registration process. They will guide you through it and clearly underline your rights and benefits attached.